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Wastewater Treatment Processes (WWTP)are used to treat municipal as well as industrial wastewater to meet effluent standards prior to discharge in the natural environment. Wastewater discharges from industrial sources contain a wide range in levels of COD, BOD, TSS and other emerging contaminants (i.e. pharmaceuticals, aldehydes, glycol,amines, alcohols, complex proteins, etc).


Disinfection of water using ozone is advantageous compared to more traditional methods, such as chlorine or UV disinfection. Firstly, ozone is more effective at deactivating viruses and bacteria than any other disinfection treatment, while at the same time requiring very little contact time, thus reducing the overall treatment residence time while simultaneously leaving no chemical residues. Due to the high oxidation potential, ozone will effectively degrade microbes and virus, causing cell membrane rupture and decomposition of essential biomolecular components in for example bacteria.  ozone can be used to oxidize hydrocarbons of cellular lipid bi-layers to kill contaminant microbes. Not only ozone is used for disinfection further more it reduces your COD & BOD in the water more than that it removes any colour & odour from the water and the treated water can be reused for flushing, gardening and floor washing.

  • Reduces BOD in water
  • Reduces Total Organic Compound
  • Ozone permits recycling of wastewater
  • Reduces the usage of chemicals
  • Powerful oxidizing agent
  • Removes odour & Colour from the water

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