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True Catalytic Ozone Scrubber will safely catalyse ozone to oxygen reliably with noconsumables. Built-in fans of air through this device and destroy 85% of the ozone that passes through the catalyst material.


Technical specification

  • Air flow rate- 400CFM

  •  Size(LxWxH):850x370x400mm

  • Operating voltage: 220VAC, 50Hz

  •  Power consumption: 800W

  •  Ozone destruction catalyst: Mno2 Manganese dioxide.

  •  Ozone destruction efficiency: >85%

  •  Moisture and Dust remover: Heater with auto cut off at 55DegC.

  •  Protection- Fuse

  • Indication: Heater ON

  •  MOC: Mild steel with power coated


  • 400CFM airflow rate from internal fan.
  • Catalytic material is used for long-life
  •  >85% ozone destruction efficiency at high ozone levels
  •  The catalyst material is replaceable 
  • Fuse provided for short circuit protection

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