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Air odor sterilizer is commercial model for air treatment purposes for smaller area. This model air sterilizer is easily wall mountable. There are 4 different timer operations in the system with button press. Depending upon the purposes can set the timer for operation. Air odor sterilizer is a portable handy model which eliminates any kind of bacteria, virus including corona, air borne pathogens, germs and other contaminants present in the air and eliminates the bad odor. This model mainly used in all wash room and toilets to eliminate the contaminations and bad odor.

  • Option 1 : 30 seconds on and 60 seconds off – cyclic timer
  • Option 2 : 60 seconds on and 60 seconds off – cyclic timer
  • Option 3 : 120 seconds on and 120 seconds off – cyclic timer
  • Continuously on for 2hrs – cyclic timer


  • Reliable ozone output
  • Timer operation
  • Compact design

Method of Usage

  • Office rooms/cabins
  • All wash rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Pets living area
  • Bath rooms

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