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OEM Series

OEM Series

Our OEM series ozone generators are built on the strong foundation of Ozone Engineers. The OEM Series is very compact, with remarkable ozone output & cooling method is integration into all OEM systems, ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. The OEM Series generators combine air / water cooled ozone generation all housed in a compact mild steel mounting plate.

Our OEM Series Ozone generator is nothing but the inner part of the ozone generator which is mounted in an MS / SS plate. This series system comes in 5 models, Ready to be fitted in any type of enclosure by the customer choice. Feed gas air / oxygen has to be supplied to the machine to get the desired ozone output.

  • Corona Discharge Technology
  • Mild steel / Stainless steel mounting plate
  • Air / Water cooled ozone reactor tube
  • Low power consumption with high ozone output
  • Economical and low running costs

Technical Specifications

Model Power Wt Dimension LxWxH in mm Weight in Kgs Enquiry
40 270 X 200 X 85 2 OEM-1 Enquiry
OEM-2 110 270 X 200 X 100 3 Enquiry
270 X 200 X 100 2.5 100 OEM-3 Enquiry
OEM-4 200 300 X 200 X 100 5 Enquiry
OEM-5 180 300 X 200 X 100 4 Enquiry

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