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Ozone Treatment is the most frequently used disinfection process in Water Bottling today. With the application of a single Ozone Treatment step, the water bottler can disinfect the water, the bottling equipment, the bottle, the air above the water and the sealed cap of the bottle, thereby providing a most effective barrier to microbiological contamination for the protection and benefit of the consumer.


  • Ozone is superior to any other disinfection method because of its high oxidation state.
  • Ozone allows for lower operating costs and reduces overall chemical costs.
  • Ozone is not typically associated with by-products and naturally reverts to oxygen, so no taste or odour is associated after its use.
  • Ozone is generated on-site, therefore no dangerous storage or handling is required.
  • The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) suggests a residual ozone level of 0.2 to 0.4 ppm. This provides disinfection to both the water and the bottle.
  • Destroying bacteria instantly, Ozone works faster than any other oxidant in the market.

These are the reasons why most water bottlers rely on Ozone Treatment to provide a safe, good-tasting, aesthetically pleasing and storage-stable product.
As Ozone Treatment became a well-accepted, routine part of the water bottling process, many of its other benefits beyond disinfection have become taken for granted and nearly forgotten.
Some water bottlers may not even realize today that the use of Ozone also provides benefits, such as improved taste, elimination of odour, and 1-year-long stability. These benefits have improved their product substantially by making it good tasty and safe. These are the product quality features that the customers have grown to expect and enjoy.

Since Ozone Treatment has become such a key process for water bottlers, they need to stay updated with the current advances in technology and the improvements in the Ozone Treatment process in addition they must also follow and review the regulatory and procedural changes of BIS.

Ozone Engineers is a manufacturer of World Class Ozone Generators for Mineral Water plants, Ozonator for Drinking Water plants, Ozone generators for Bottling plants, and Drinking Water Ozone Generators.

  • 100% Bacterial free water
  • Improve taste of the water
  • Removal of organic matter
  • Food Preservation & Air Treatment
  • It produces No toxic by-products
  • Increases DO level in water

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