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Medical Ozone Generator

Medical Ozone Generator

The Ozone Engineers Lab Ozone Desktop Line of Ozone Generators are designed specifically for laboratory and medical research applications. Our Ozone Generators are designed to work in conjunction with Oxygen Flow Regulators providing an output of between zero to 1 LPM.


  • Corona Discharge Technology
  • Air cooled CD module
  • LCD monitoring for timer
  • Precision flow meter
  • Over current protection
  • External fuse
  • Tabletop/Desktop Design
  • Mild steel / Stainless steel enclosure
  • Front Panel Mounted Controls & Connections
  • LCD Monitoring for Timer Precision Flow Meter

Method of Usage

  • 10 Steps ozone output regulation
  • Feed gas flow control 0.1 to 1 lpm
  • LED visual ozone indication
  • Power Status Lamp
  • On/Off Switch

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