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EO Series

External Oxygen Feed Ozone Generator

The reliable, versatile and cost effective EO series ozone generators are designed to satisfy a wide range of industrial applications. The EO series generators are forced air cooled system, ultra compact with GRP enclosure. This series works from oxygen or dry air feed to produce ozone gas.

EO Series ozone generator comes in 4 models of range measuring ozone output.

  • EO-10 ( 10 grams per hour – SS304 Enclosure)
  • EO-20 ( 20 grams per hour – MS Enclosure)
  • EO-30 ( 30 grams per hour –  MS Enclosure)
  • EO-50 ( 50 grams per hour –  MS Enclosure)

EO Series Ozone generators are widely used in water applications. These models require external oxygen feed to achieve desired ozone output with better concentration. Ozone engineers recommendation to use venturi injector to inject the ozone in water. Each and every model has its own unique electrodes with forced air cooled system.

EO Series ozone generators incorporated with variable ozone output adjuster with safety door switch and over / under current protection. Smart display has been designed in the front panel of the cabinet.

Smart display indicates – Make, ozone generator model, current consumption, input voltage and ozone output (in %) . In case of over current, over / under voltage issues the system detects and displays the issue in the smart display with the contact number for trouble shooting.


  • 0 – 100% Ozone Variable
  • Indication of Ozone Output Status
  • Smart LCD Display Monitoring & Controller
  • Over Current Protection
  • Safety Door Switch
  • Over / Under Voltage Protection
  • GRP Enclosure – IP Clause 65

Technical Specifications

Model Ozone Output gm/h Ozone Output by wt% Feed GasAir by IPM Ozone Fittings mm Power Input AC Watts Dimension LxWxH in mm Weight in Kgs Enquiry
10 6 5 6 230 V 110 325 x 200 x 430 8 EO-20 Enquiry
EO-10 EO-30 30 15 390 x 280 x 480 220 6 5 6 Enquiry
20 230 V 390 x 280 x 660 50 EO-50 18 320 230 V 6 Enquiry
5 6 6 10 6 230V 500 390 x 280 x 660 22 Enquiry

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