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Improvement in quality of pool water is attained by elimination of chemical content. Swimming pool water pollution is mainly caused by swimmers. The pollutants can be divided into three groups Micro organisms, organics and solid particles. Each swimmer carries a large number of micro organisms such as bacteria, virus which can cause disease. Organics come from urine, sweat, and saliva which contain ammonia, urea and amino acids. These react with chlorine and form chloramines which irritate the eyes and skin. Solid particles are due to skin flakes, hair and dust.

Makes the water Non-Carcinogenic (Non Cancerous) - Oxidizes trace metals in the water - Ozone usage will reduce chlorine usage by 90%.
Creates very healthy water for swimming - Gives the water a sparkling appearances - Ozone increases the shelf life of the pool water.
Ozone oxidizes residual organic present in the water - Ozone reduces TOC from the water - Leaves no residue on water.
Removes Odor and Colour from the water - Removes Chlorine odors and its by products from the water - Eye irritation, skin rash, Hair & Skin bleaching are avoided - Ozone burns the RHM’s (Tri Halo Methanes) given out by chlorine reactions - Ozone oxidizes sweat, sputum, body oil, saliva, deodorants etc.,


Selecting an Ozone Generator for your Swimming pool

We recommend selecting ozone generator according to the German DIN 19643 norms. In this norms amongst others a temperature dependent ozone dose is used. For swimming pool with a water temperature of 28’c or 33 - 35’c an ozone dosage of respective 0.8 and 1.5 grams per M3 is used. Swimming pools  chemical make up, bather load, dirt, mildew, mold, wind contaminates, location, pump run time, temperature, size determine ozone generator model. Heated swimming pool require 10 - 15 percent more ozone

Ozone Dosage Calculation

For Private Swimming pool   - 1gram per M3
For Public Swimming pool     - 1.5 grams per M3

  • Ozone is 51% more powerful on bacterial cell walls than chlorine.
  • Bacterial Killing rate is 3000 times faster.
  • No formation of dangerous by-products.
  • Reduce handling and storage of unsafe chemicals.
  • No adverse health or environmental effects.

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