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Our IAE Series ozone generator system is very compact and economy

model with in built oil free compressor, Plug and play unit with cen-percent

ozone output. The enclosure is of stainless steel 304 grade cabinet and it is

wall mountable, ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

IAE Series ozone generator comes in 4 models of range measuring ozone output.

  • IAE-2 ( 2 grams per hour – SS304 Enclosure)
  • IAE-3 ( 3 grams per hour – SS304 Enclosure)
  • IAE-5 ( 5 grams per hour – SS304 Enclosure)
  • IAE 10 ( 10 grams per hour – Mild Steel Enclosure)

IAE Series Ozone generator is simple plug and play unit widely used for water

treatment. The inbuilt air compressor takes the ambient air in which 20.7% of

oxygen is present. With the help of the present oxygen level in the air is

enabled to produce the maximum ozone with corona discharge technology.

Each and every model has its own unique electrode which enables to produce

desired ozone output.

IAE Series ozone generators incorporated with variable ozone output

adjuster with safety door switch and over / under current protection.


  • Inbuilt Oil Free Oil Compressor    
  • 0-100% Ozone variable    
  • Indication of Ozone Status
  • Over Current Protection
  • Safety Door Switch
  • Stainless Steel 304 Enclosure

Method of Usage

  • Wall mount the ozone system
  • Plug the power cord to the socket and switch-on
  • Connect the ozone output Teflon tube which comes with the diffuser to the system
  • Immerse the tube to the water tank
  • Switch-on the ozone system, check for the ozone status LED glowing
  • Can visibly address the ozone diffusing in the water tank
  • Switch off the ozone system once the treatment is completes.

Technical Specifications

Model Ozone Output gm/h Ozone Output by wt% Feed GasAir by IPM Power Input AC Watts Dimension LxWxH in mm Weight in Kgs Enquiry
2 2 12-14 230V 100 325 x 200 x 430 8 IAE-2 Enquiry
2 9 325 x 200 x 430 120 230V 12-14 3 IAE-3 Enquiry
IAE-5 10 325 x 200 x 430 180 230V 12-14 2 5 Enquiry
IAE-10 10 2 24-28 230V 300 425 x 200 x 550 18 Enquiry

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