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Ozone is safely used by hydroponic growers to kill any bacteria, protozoa, virus, fungus and algae it contacts without forming any harmful by-products. Ozone is mainly used in the hydroponics industry as follows: To sanitise fresh water in a holding tank before it is used in a hydroponic system (water treatment).


How does Ozone work in Hydroponics?


Ozone, when properly used, is the most effective and safe method of odor elimination as well as to control bacteria, virus, fungus, algae, and organic matter in water, that can be harmful to the crops.

Ozone’s natural properties make it an effective agent in the hydroponics environment without leaving harmful residues behind. Also, controlled ozone in the grow space, can kill insects and mites. In the end of the process, ozone eliminates all bacteria that comes in contact with.

Furthermore, because ozone is formed by three oxygen molecules, it helps to oxygenate root zones, an essential element for healthy plant growth.

Ozone is a valued tool for disinfecting and enhancing hydroponic water quality. Help to create a healthy nutrient rich solution, free of fungal and bacteria, for crop hydroponics natural growth.Ozonated water can be recycled continuously without the chemical build-up associated with other sanitizers, while it does not cause environmental hazard.

  • Powerful germicidal agent than chlorine
  • Destroys all types of Microorganisms
  • More dissolved oxygen directly to the roots
  • Helps to increase in yields
  • Minimizes condenser fouling
  • No chemical residue

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